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May Updates

 Well we are only a week into May and work has been keeping me quite busy! Not much time to mess around on the radio. I made a few changes to my setup since my last post. I now have a new L-shaped desk (more room for radios!). I picked up a new desk chair (way better for my back!) to go with the new desk. I've been working on cable management for the pat few days and I'm still not finished! I was able to get a new G5rv up in the air with some help from Dad. This one I purchased from HRO. It is a Radiowavz brand G5. Seems to preform about the same as the old antenna. This one supposedly tunes on 6 meters. I haven't had a chance to try it out down there yet. But I was able to make several DX QSOs right off the bat. While I was placing and order I also picked up a pretty nice SWR/Power meter. It is a Daiwa CN-901. It makes a nice addition to my setup. I was using the LED bar graph on my LDG tuner for a wattmeter but it doesn't have the accuracy that I wanted. I also picked

It's been a while...

 Well it's been a while since my last update. Things have been quite busy. First I now have a full-time job! My schedule hasn't been set yet so it's been quite hectic not know what times or days I'm working. Now onto the radio stuff. During the recent ice storms we had a few trees fall. One of them happened to take down my G5RV. One of the legs is completely broken into two pieces and frayed really badly. Haven't looked at the otherside but it's on the ground as well. I'm going to need to replace it. Right now I'm not sure if I want to get another G5RV or something else. I'll probably take the remnants of the current antenna and make some other dipole out of it. The VHF beam seems to have survived the ice buildup with no damage. Overall we were without power for about 6 days. As you can guess without an HF antenna and a new job I haven't had much time to get on the air. Due to my chaotic schedule I've been missing local nets. I was able to ma

New year, New Goals

 Well happy 2021 everyone! (I know I'm a month late 😂)  January started off with another meeting of KY4ARC via Zoom. I finally sent in my dues so I should now be a member. This year I decided to set a goal of participating in as many contests as I can. I started off this month with the North American QSO Party, SSB. I didn't have as much time to operate as I originally expected. After operating for about 2 hours I only ended up with 15 QSOs. Noise seemed to really bad on 40m. 80 meters was a little better, though I had some trouble breaking through the pileups. Of the 15 QSOs 13 were on 80 meters and 2 were on 40 meters. Overall all I had 12 multipliers for a total score of 180.  Winter Field day was supposed to be my next contest, but thanks to a power outage the Friday before the start of the event my main shack computer shutdown and now fails to boot. So my logging and digital software were inaccessible. It's been on it's last leg for quite a while. It desperately n

Exciting News for December!

 Well you haven't heard from me in a while. I've been super busy finishing up my EMT class. I'm proud to say I passed the class, skills test, AND National Registry exam! Glad that's over (even though the class was fun and I made friends)! now I can start looking for a job. NREMT Certificate Well that's enough about that, now on to radio. I haven't had much time to operate but I have been playing around on FT8 here and there. I did qualify for another award through the FT8DMC, the Panamanian Stations Award. I know a lot of people don't like these awards because there's no absolute verification like with DXCC or WAS but I enjoy them. Eventually I'd like to have them made into a large collage to hang on the wall. FT8DMC PASA One of the things that I"ve been wanting to try, that I finally got around to, is remote operating. I had some free time after a test and decided to see if I could work some FT8 while remote at class. I connected to my desktop

Not so spooky October

 Well October flew by. I didn't get around to half of what I wanted to. I worked some FT8 here and there. I qualified for a few awards from the FT8 Digital Mode Club. I got the Worked Prefix Award for working 100 prefixes on 40 meters. I got the Worked All South America Bronze award for working stations in all 10 South American Countries. The Worked All Members 100 Award was issued for working 100 members of the FT8DMC. I got the Worked United States Station 200 Award for working 200 US Stations. And lastly I got the Costa Rican Station Award for working 3 Costa Rican Station. FT8DMC Awards I was also able to attend a yard sale and acquire some equipment. I picked up a few sections of tower (with two toppers) along with a Alliance HD-73 Rotor (need to find a control box). Included with the towers was a 2m vertical and what I believe to be either a 2m or dual-band(2m/70cm) beam.  Equipment wise I was able to get the following:  Heathkit SB-401 Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter Hammarlund S

Slow September

 Well September has come and gone in this crazy year. EMT Class has been keeping me pretty busy so not much has happened radio wise. I've made a few contacts on good ol' FT8, but that's about it operating wise. I applied for several awards from the FT8 Digital Mode Club. Hope to hear back that they are approved soon! Some home improvement projects have been completed so I can finally start looking for a new desk. Moving back from my apartment I lost a decent chunk of desk space so everything (radio and non-radio) is crammed on one desk with no storage, just a hutch on top of it. I forgot how hard it was to find a desk that fits both space and personal requirements 😁.  In other news I received my ARRL ballot for this years election of the Great Lakes Division Director and Vice Director. I hope all of my fellow members with elections in your division/section cast a vote! I also made a few updates to the code plug in my 878UV. Eventually I'll get around to updating the ra

Busy, Busy August

 Well not a lot has been going on radio wise the last month, except for a few FT8 QSOs here and there. I started an EMT class on the 17th that has been keeping me pretty busy! I may start trying to chat a little on my way to Ashland every now and then. I've been working on updating the firmware and codeplugs on my radios (some were long overdue!). I've added a few repeaters to my Anytone 878, including a couple of DMR repeaters near Ashland that I didn't know were there (I still need to add them to the CS 800D in the car). Now I just need to use them!   I think the last of my QSL cards for the 13 Colonies Event came in. All of them should now be viewable in the QSL Archive . My Certificate came in as well. It looks great! I'm thinking about framing my certificates with their QSL cards for each year, I think it would be nice to hang up!  2020 13 Colonies Certificate In my last post I mentioned waiting for full results from the Kentucky QSO Party. Well they were finally p