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Back at WVU!

So, I got a little off track with the posting schedule while moving back into my apartment in Morgantown and starting classes. Man it was a lot more work than I remember! I finished my VHF FM setup at the apartment. I'm using my Yaesu FT-2980R (at about 30W). I have Yaesu FT-2980r w/ MFJ power supply it connected to a Nagoya UT-72 (1/4 wave VHF). I had to replace a connector on the end of the coax. It came loose a few years ago and just got around to fixing it!  The antenna is mounted using one of the suction cup mounts I made. With this setup I can reach the W8CUL & W8MWA repeaters (I use these two most often) and I can receive them with full quieting. I'm looking into a few options for a small indoor HF antenna for the apartment so I can get the IC- 706MKiiG setup on HF. Antenna on suction cup mount This week I also attended Morgantown Wireless Association's monthly meeting. Always good to see this group! Unfortunately due to my class schedule it

Antennas & Antenna Accessories

This past week has been quite busy with a few radio projects but, more on those later!  I made a few updates to as well. Most of the updates revolved around embedding social media links to my new Twitter account for radio related stuff. I also set up a link between Twitter and Blogger using IFTT that automatically posts a link to blog updates on the Twitter account. I made a mistake setting this up the first time and it double posted (Oops!). I also added a few new QSL cards into QSL Archive album . I acquired some new equipment as well. To better facilitate my goals for my home VHF FM station I picked up a Yaesu FT-2980R to use as the primary transceiver from Ham Radio Outlet. The extra 30 watts should help me get into the local repeaters as it was a bit of a 6-element beam at 20-ft up up the mast with center of G5RV at the top. struggle on 50 watts. I also purchased 50ft of ABR 25400F coax (also from HRO) to connect the Yaesu to the 6-element beam that I grab