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This past week has been quite busy with a few radio projects but, more on those later! 

I made a few updates to as well. Most of the updates revolved around embedding social media links to my new Twitter account for radio related stuff. I also set up a link between Twitter and Blogger using IFTT that automatically posts a link to blog updates on the Twitter account. I made a mistake setting this up the first time and it double posted (Oops!). I also added a few new QSL cards into QSL Archive album.

I acquired some new equipment as well. To better facilitate my goals for my home VHF FM station I picked up a Yaesu FT-2980R to use as the primary transceiver from Ham Radio Outlet. The extra 30 watts should help me get into the local repeaters as it was a bit of a
6-element beam at 20-ft up
up the mast with center of
G5RV at the top.
struggle on 50 watts. I also purchased 50ft of ABR 25400F coax (also from HRO) to connect the Yaesu to the 6-element beam that I grabbed at the Louisa hamfest. The beam is up on the mast behind the house about 20-ft. I still have very low audio into the KY4ARC Paintsville, so I still have a few issues to resolve.

 I also decided to move the G5RV from the mast to further up in the trees to change it from an inverted vee to a flat top with a little more height above the ground. It hasn't been moved yet but it's on the to do list.

My next project for the week was a suction cup window mount for magnetic antennas. I originally found the project a while back on the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club website. I thought this would be a nice, easy solution for my apartment where I can't put anything outside the windows. This project was relatively cheap under $20 (not including tax). Here is the parts & tools list:

Parts for Suction Cup Mount. Note: I decided not to use
the lock washers.

To start the build, I placed the box cover on the suction cup handle and marked where I needed to drill the first hole on the suction cup handle, for the holes in the suction cup you are only drilling holes through the static handle. (Note: Some of the box covers are a little different. Mine had a keyhole with a diagonal cut in the opposite coroner.)  After drilling the first hole I used a machine screw, washer and nut to secure the cover to the suction cup. I drilled the 2nd hole in the suction cup
Drilled Cover
handle allowing the drill bit to contact the cover marking where I needed to drill the hole in it. I removed the screw and nut and drilled the hole in the cover. While the cover was free from the suction cup, I drilled the hole for the screw that the brass rod for the tiger tail will be secured. I put this hole on the front side of the cover opposite the keyhole. 

Completed Mount for 2m.
For the screws used to secure the cover to the suction up I placed the screw through the hole with the screw head on the bottom side with the moving handle. I placed a washer on top between the cover and the suction cup handle then a second washer between the cover and the nut. For the screw that is used for the tiger tail I placed a screw with a washer through bottom side of the hole and placed a second washer with a nut on the topside. I bent the top of the brass rod into a loop that would fit onto the screw. I then put a bend in the rod so it would be perpendicular to the cover plate. I measured 19.5" (1/4" wave for 2 meters) from the bend and cut the rod with a set of heavy cutters. I attached the tiger tail by placing a washer on the bottom and top of the loop and securing it with a wingnut. This allows the tiger tail to be removed for easy storage. Now time to try it out! 

This week I also registered for and started the ARRL's EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communication Course, so I'll be working on that for the next few weeks. Hopefully this course will help further my knowledge that I can use with ARES and EMCOMM.

On Thursday the 1st I attend the monthly KY4ARC meeting in Paintsville, KY. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the local hams and make a few new connections. I hope to get more involved with this club in the future. 
KY4ARC Meeting
I think that's enough for today I have a few other projects I want to work on so there may be some more posts like this! I will also be heading back to WVU and starting classes in the couple weeks so posting will most likely switch from every week to every other week (Unless I have something that deserves its own post!)!

Cameron, KN4CFI


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