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Fall is coming!

So it's been awhile. Again. I don't have many updates this go around. I received my digital interface from XGGComms. I was able to get it connected to the IC-706 and it seems to be functioning. I've tried making a few FT8 contacts with it but I haven't been successful. I was able to see my transmissions on a few PSKReporter stations so I'm sure it's working but one of the downsides of using the buddistick in my current setting is I don't get out very well. I can hear quite a few stations but they can't hear me. Marathon station with MPD. This past Sunday I worked with W8MWA and W8CUL to provide communications for the Morgantown Marathon. I was posted with a newer ham at a busy intersection where all 3 races cross a road. Overall it seemed like everything worked well, but there's always room to improve! We also had issues with one of the dreaded Baofeng sirens (some of you will know what I'm talking about) blaring over the W8CUL repeate

Another week in...(and some HF updates)

Well, it looks like I'm posting on Friday now. Isn't it funny how your schedule schedule is set the all of a sudden BAM another change! A few things have changed with the apartment HF setup since I last posted. I now have an HF antenna! I picked up a Buddistick Deluxe pack. It's a nice compact portable multiband vertical Buddistick setup in front of my door antenna. It can easily operate on 40m-10m at 250 watts! I haven't had much of a chance to try it out yet. I managed to set it up the night I got it and could receive the OMISS 40m net pretty well. Tried a transmission on low power (I haven't fully tuned the antenna yet) and wasn't heard. I'll work on getting it tuned over the weekend. I also ordered a USB digital interface for the 706. I went with the XGGCOMMS Digimode-3-Icom. It shipped this week so I'm looking forward to working some digital modes (mainly FT8) from my apartment. I have also be using the W8CUL Station to try and participat