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March Madness?

Well this has definitely been an interesting month.  With COVID-19 spreading all over the place WVU has switched to online-only instruction for the remainder of the semester. They have also asked that students not return to Morgantown. This has pretty much put an end to all of W8CUL's projects. We are however, looking into possibly hosting an online version of our Tech In A Day course if there is enough interest. Classes are definitely going to be interesting transitioning to the online stuff. Now that I’m homebound in Blaine I’ve set up my IC-7300 with my G5RV and have been working quite a bit of FT8 with a little bit of FT4 for fun. I haven’t really worked any SSB since I’ve been home. One thing that I noticed after using the 7300 for a bit (this is the first time I’ve had the 7300 at home) is that the interference that I had of 40 meters with the IC-706mkiig is no longer a problem! Sometimes at night I can just barely hear it but it seems like the 7300 is really taking