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Quarantine April: In Review

Well I didn't get around to posting a blog in April. With all of my classes switching to online instruction, I didn't get around to writing an update so here it is (a lot late)! I FINALLY moved my G5RV from the mast behind directly behind the house to two trees further up the hill. I used the antenna launcher to shoot the lines up into to trees and it worked amazingly! The antenna is now in a flattop configuration and is about 25 or 30 feet further up the hill. It's gained about 10 to 15 feet of elevation. The SWR is lower than when it was in the inverted-v on the mast. I still need to drop the mast and tune the VHF yagi. I'd like to be able to get on the local repeaters via RF at some point! It shouldn't take long if I can get it on the ground. I would like to get around to building a few antennas and working on some other projects but all of my electronic equipment and tools are currently stuck in my apartment in Morgantown along with some of my radios (like