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May blog in June....KY QSO Party plus AUSTRALIA??

So I decided to hold off on the may blog until after the Kentucky QSO Party so I could share my score (and a few other things). May was pretty quiet overall with not much going on ham radio wise. I attended the virtual Contest University. It was a great event, plus you can't beat FREE!! I learned quite a bit from the different presenters. I think my favorite presentations were "Grounding & Bonding for Contest Stations" by the one and only Ward Silver (N0AX) and "Digital Contesting Hints & Kinks" by Ed Muns (W0KY). I figured out a few things I need to do for grounding whenever I get around to it.  I also graduated from WVU! It wasn't how I planned it or with the degree I originally intended to get, but I'm  glad to have actually finished a degree! KN4CFI KYQP  June started off with the Kentucky QSO Party. I operated from Lawrence County (LAW). I didn't do as well as I had originally hoped, but I'm still proud of my efforts. I ended up with