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2020 Field Day and More

Since the Kentucky QSO Party I stayed off the air for a bit until Field Day. My local club KY4ARC decided to do an at home field day with  1D stations submitting for the aggregate score. I operated for a FD 2020 Worked Sections few hours and managed 32 contacts, all digital either FT8 or FT4. I was quite a struggle to say the least. I could not break through any pileups on SSB. I was able to receive the W1AW bulletin on 40m PSK31, my first attempt at trying PSK, I'll eventually get around to trying to transmit and make a few contacts. In other new I was able to move from my apartment and now have all of my equipment in (mostly) one place! Over the next few days I'll be setting up some of the stuff I brought back so that I can hopefully use the local repeaters via RF. I tried to work the 13 Colonies event for the second time but seemed to struggle a little (Even with a better radio/antenna setup). I ended up with 10 of the colony stations total. I worked all but K2I on FT8 (8 on