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Busy, Busy August

 Well not a lot has been going on radio wise the last month, except for a few FT8 QSOs here and there. I started an EMT class on the 17th that has been keeping me pretty busy! I may start trying to chat a little on my way to Ashland every now and then. I've been working on updating the firmware and codeplugs on my radios (some were long overdue!). I've added a few repeaters to my Anytone 878, including a couple of DMR repeaters near Ashland that I didn't know were there (I still need to add them to the CS 800D in the car). Now I just need to use them!   I think the last of my QSL cards for the 13 Colonies Event came in. All of them should now be viewable in the QSL Archive . My Certificate came in as well. It looks great! I'm thinking about framing my certificates with their QSL cards for each year, I think it would be nice to hang up!  2020 13 Colonies Certificate In my last post I mentioned waiting for full results from the Kentucky QSO Party. Well they were finally p