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Exciting News for December!

 Well you haven't heard from me in a while. I've been super busy finishing up my EMT class. I'm proud to say I passed the class, skills test, AND National Registry exam! Glad that's over (even though the class was fun and I made friends)! now I can start looking for a job. NREMT Certificate Well that's enough about that, now on to radio. I haven't had much time to operate but I have been playing around on FT8 here and there. I did qualify for another award through the FT8DMC, the Panamanian Stations Award. I know a lot of people don't like these awards because there's no absolute verification like with DXCC or WAS but I enjoy them. Eventually I'd like to have them made into a large collage to hang on the wall. FT8DMC PASA One of the things that I"ve been wanting to try, that I finally got around to, is remote operating. I had some free time after a test and decided to see if I could work some FT8 while remote at class. I connected to my desktop