Slow July Updates

Not much of an update this time.

After the 13 Colonies Special Event I took some time off from the radio to focus on organizing stuff after moving out of my apartment and updating the website.

I've added a few QSL cards from the KY QSO Party and the 13 Colonies event to the QSL archive (click link to view). I also added descriptions to each card so the album is now fully searchable (at least for me). The descriptions also allow the image to be accessible to people using screen readers. You can view the descriptions by clicking the (ℹ) after clicking on an image.

I also added descriptions to all of the awards on the awards page as well as alternate text to the awards and images on my QRZ page. I received and uploaded my certificate from the KY QSO Party. My score was higher than what I calculated. I ended up 3,036 points. I'm eagerly awaiting the full results!

2020 KYQP Certificate
2020 KYQP Certificate

I made a few check-ins on the nightly Friendship Net on the East Kentucky Link System (via the KY4ARC Paintsville repeater) after setting my Yaesu FT-2980 VHF radio back up. Not long after some work was done to the repeater and I can no longer hear it. I found out that I can usually hear the N4KJU UHF repeater in Paintsville, via ONLY my Anytone 878UV (my IC-706mkiig seems to be deaf on UHF). I don't have a UHF rig (or antenna) that can reach the UHF repeater so I came up with a different solution. I rigged up a manual antenna switch to the feedline coming from my VHF beam and split it between the FT-2980 and the 878. I use the 878 to receive the UHF repeater and switch to the 2980 to transmit to the Paintsville VHF repeater (it can hear me even though I can't hear it). It's crude, but it works! 

I planned on attending the DX Engineering Virtual Event but ended up being away from home most of the day. I'm going to try and attend the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo on August 8 & 9. Looks like they have a good list of speakers!

A few other "behind-the-scenes" things were updated on the site to make things work and look a little better. There was also a slight change to the way the automatic emails are formatted (you probably won't notice the change). The domain for the website was also renewed for another year.

I may have some new to share soon! It'll probably get it's own post!

Well that's all for now!

See ya down the log!!




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