Not so spooky October

 Well October flew by. I didn't get around to half of what I wanted to.

I worked some FT8 here and there. I qualified for a few awards from the FT8 Digital Mode Club. I got the Worked Prefix Award for working 100 prefixes on 40 meters. I got the Worked All South America Bronze award for working stations in all 10 South American Countries. The Worked All Members 100 Award was issued for working 100 members of the FT8DMC. I got the Worked United States Station 200 Award for working 200 US Stations. And lastly I got the Costa Rican Station Award for working 3 Costa Rican Station.

FT8DMC Awards

I was also able to attend a yard sale and acquire some equipment. I picked up a few sections of tower (with two toppers) along with a Alliance HD-73 Rotor (need to find a control box). Included with the towers was a 2m vertical and what I believe to be either a 2m or dual-band(2m/70cm) beam. 

Equipment wise I was able to get the following: 

    • Heathkit SB-401

    • Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter
    • Hammarlund SB-600
    • Knight Ocean Hopper
    • Signal Corp BC-342-N (Farnsworth Television & Radio)
    • Bendix Radio Type TA-12C Aircraft Transmitter
    • (2) Midland 75-764B
    • Uniden Pro 510XL
Equipment, Antenna, Tower

I need to go through all of the equipment and see if it works or what parts it needs. A couple are in a little rough shape. Looks like most will need new tubes. One needs new knobs. I think the 401 needs crystals but that's as far as I've gotten ๐Ÿ˜. I haven't even looked through the box of tubes yet, that's going to be a chore.

Looking ahead I've found a few things to update my room a little and picked out paint colors so hopefully I can get that started soon. Ham wise I'm thinking about trying to work the ARRL SSB Sweepstakes this month. We'll see what happens. 

Well that's all for now! Kinda short, but there's pictures this time!!




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